The God of Commerce

There are many different types of systems that can be used as a basis for common understanding. A community of people typically requires a basis from which to conduct themselves so that balance can be achieved within the set of conditions imposed. Consider it like rules of the game.

Here on this planet commerce has been embraced. Everything runs on the interaction of ‘goods’ or in other words, the interaction of material ‘possessions’. Ownership, value, scarcity or plenitude, there are many terms which can be used as characteristic definitions. Out of all the many, many types of community ‘games’ commerce, since it is so heavily invested in materialism, lies pretty much on the lower end of community-driven options.

I refer to it as ‘lower end’ because who in their right mind would elevate materialism over the acknowledgment of consciousness? School children might and so there you have it.

Worshiping the god of commerce, as in all systemic communities, provides advantages and disadvantages. Through the use of denigration and acquisition an embodied soul can get quite a sense of experience but the ‘catch’ is that it must give up it’s own self awareness. Placing awareness upon consciousness is quite distinct and separate from placing it upon ‘physical’ properties.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how hard one tries to be dirt, they can’t

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