A Good Story By The Fireplace

I’ve been listening to a few audio interviews on youtube about personal experiences that deal with an individual’s action and reaction with the known universe, off the beaten path of course. I always enjoy a good story, television just can’t compare to personal insight, perspective and expressions of uniqueness. Wonderful!

One of the things that I’ve noticed among the participants is that in relating an experience there is sometimes an amount of detail that is a bit odd to me. I’m not talking about someone else’s action, I’m talking about my own. It’s been said that the devil is in the details. What that really means I have no idea but personally I like to get to the heart of a matter and then just leave it there, letting the focus remain for a tad before moving on. I don’t always do that as can be seen from the postings on this website but that is a different story because I use all sorts of tricks to get the train moving.

Anyway, I’m going to give a example of how other’s interpret their experience and of how I might do the same. This isn’t a ‘real’ life example, it’s just made up.

Sally Kimbleton

I was laying in my bed, it was oh, about 2:00 am on the 6th of August. The year was 2014 and the moon was just past full. I had had a very busy day previously and was tossing and turning all night long. Eventually I thought I had gone to sleep but I got this very strong sense that I should look out of the window, like right now. It’s really a strange thing to border on sleep after being very tired and then going on full alert in just a split second.

This has hapened to me before but this night was different, the feeling of urgency was much more intense and so I immediately jumped out of bed, grabbed my bathrobe and went over to the window. I didn’t see anything so I was wondering to myself if the feeling I got was real or was just part of a dream. I couldn’t really tell because this had never happened, in this way, to me before.

So I just stood there looking around outside the window for what might or might not be there, wondering the whole time what the urgency was all about if there was nothing to see anyway. I guess it must have been my excitement that delayed the events because it wasn’t until I had settled down that I could see, right above the house, a huge spaceship. I’m talking about something on the order of two or three football fields in length, it was huge!

It had soft glowing lights that seemed to shimmer from white to gold to a soft blue and then back again. There wasn’t a discernible source that I could make out but that didn’t surprise me at all as I’ve seen these kinds of lights before. But really, it wasn’t the lights that caught my attention, it was the reflection off the hillside, which was completely lit up, that caught my eye. And then I saw it. I saw an entrance into the hillside which contrary to the rest of the hill was completely dark. It was pretty obvious and really stood out so I couldn’t help but notice it, and then out came these spheres of light…


The other night a ship came to pick some things up.

There And Back Again

If you see Greyhound buses you tend to know what they’re doing, what they’re purpose is. You might even know where the local terminal is. Perhaps you’ve even seen an old bus turned into a recreational vehicle.

Some people find the experience quite exhilarating and remember everything about it. But if these things are a part of your daily life is there then anything ‘unique’ or ‘interesting’ about them.

Some think that a lifetime lasts a lifetime. Others think that time has something to do with everything.

Me? I like those ‘off the beaten path’ stories. Pulling a chair up to the fireplace and breaking open a good story to read by the light is… heartwarming.

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