Jibby Jot Joe

Just a little note to say that all is moving along quite nicely.

It's been very quiet on this blog for a while now and that's because the current of action has been enormous, enough so that to post even a small portion of it would be like posting old news because by the time I get to translating it into script and uploading it, it is old.

Perhaps it's the speed of light that restricts the outcome, maybe not, but I thought that I would throw that in just for laughs.

Some people think that this is a harmonious universe. Others think that it is based upon the idea of a feeding frenzy where one seeks to rise above all other predators and so become god.

What a funny way of thinking, that last one.

I don't take myself seriously and understand that this is a harmonious universe where everything fits just so.

I see that, don't you.

It can give one a profound sense of direction in doing so. It's like a compass and the world then becomes something like an oyster.

But like I've said so many times before - it's not up to me.

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