Evaluating Evaluation

As the tumbleweed makes it's way across thick and thin the scenery adapts to it's adventurous spirit. Rolling and toiling, the aftermath seems but a shadow of what is to come. In repetition we tend to find solace, or so the tumbleweed proclaims as it pauses in it's journey of Life and Living just long enough to leave a few twigs of wisdom here and there. Few can read the signs so the chances are slim of discovery but is this not the way of the Universe?

There are no secrets and yet the veil of ignorance remains steadfast in it's conviction. No one gets out alive.

When we break the bonds of affiliation we find that our ties do indeed bind us. From there it becomes completely up to us as to our forward movement. Some substantiate their existence while other remain true to the belief of being but a subject. As the tides rise and fall so too do we. In taking the long view we survive while the opposite ensures but another turn of the wheel. Where is the fun in that?

If in ecstasy we find purpose and plan then what of the rest. Are we but blinded by our own light or is it that we have succumbed to our own ignorance.

There is no way out of our own predicament but there is a 'way out' of our own constraints. Freedom is not something just beyond the next ridge or corner. In fact there is no such thing, at all. When you put yourself in a box, there you are. The possibility of escape is non-existent.

You are so much more than what you think you are.

Waking or sleeping makes no difference what so ever. Under all those shenanigans lies a being in complete harmony with the Universe. Sure, it doesn't seem like it but false realities have a way of appearing very, very real. Okay, the truth of the matter is that there are no 'false' realities to begin with but I'm following a particular thread here so please play along.

Yes, please play along, you've been doing great so far1.

  1. There it is. 

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