Intellectual Defeatism

In life after life there is and always will remain, death. It simply cannot be escaped and yet many continue to beat the harbinger to the punch. Waking up is not arising from slumber, it becomes us.

Waving a hand across the oceans of distress to envision change leaves nothing to be desired as desire leaves through the front door happily and gleefully running for the high hills and as we watch it's progress we stare in wonder. Making 'sense' of what lies beyond such is nothing but a fools errand.

As we feed the intellect with hope and desire it burns with conviction. It all goes up in flames and as we leave sense and responsibility behind death becomes us.

As we follow the roads of information laid bare at our footsteps we wander ever deeper into the forest of ignorance.

Who will dare stand firm?

Our greatest enemy lies before us in the mirror of Life and Living. You are what defines you, so why the sad face?

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