There are a number of rules of the road so to speak, that exist. I'm not talking about Man's foray into qualification and quantification, I'm talking about the basis for which life forms exist, that tiny little thing referred to as a commonality among life to which a basis of understanding comes to be achieved. You might consider them rules of the road but the problem comes when pride1 refers to them as constraints and suppression.

On this planet there are numerous examples of a commonality through which so-called governments act and pretend to act in order to further agendas cloaked in a darkness intended to hide actions and intent. These things have nothing to do with that to which I am referring to when I say rules of the road.

Freedom can only be thought of in relation to one's own restriction. If you are not constrained in some fashion then freedom is but a word without meaning. One's attention is only fixated upon that which one desires.

I'm just going to let that sink in for a bit.2


  1. What is pride but a glowing self portrait. Of course there is also that other definition: 'A group of lions forming a social unit.' Yikes! I hope that you get the picture here. 

  2. I like this picture because it shows the clean, pure innocence of youth. If we could all have that same pure moment of selfless reflection... 

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