It's Just You

When I Stumble...

Will you catch me if I stumble and begin to fall?

Will falling help to provide lift in order to alight anew.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Questions always lead to a pause creating a vacuum where things get sucked right in. I know that routine well because I use the technique quite a lot these days, or so it seems. In that pause all sorts of things can and do happen, it's like an open invitation - especially from those who have no idea of what it is that they are doing.1

I like games.2 I like the challenge of getting someone to see something other than themselves in the mirror of Life and Living. Even though I don't do much of that anymore some habits, or perhaps character traits, just never leave the building. Do you know what I mean? Pause... Why yes Sherlock, the maid did it, in the ballroom with the candle stick. It's pretty obvious.

If you're looking to change the world according to your own image then perhaps you should be asking a lot of questions, like "Will my egoism survive my death?" Pause... "If I am so concerned with myself and of how the world is treating me shouldn't I just buy a cemetery plot so that my rest is insured."3

The image we uphold of ourselves is something I prefer not to look at because it will not tell you anything about the underlying being. The horrible part of that is that most people, even while directly addressing the being, will solidify their paper cut-out as if nothing will get past it. Talk to the hand, that sort of thing.

But the nice thing about questions is that while the paper doll is trying to process a response the being is backstage doing their hocus-pocus routine. Sleight of hand and all that. As if no one can see them they 'drop their pants' so to speak.

It's just you baby, it always has been.

  1. I'm not limiting myself here to just the question vacuum, it goes way beyond that. 

  2. I'm not talking about televised corporate games. You know, the common ones like baseball, football and whatever else will help to pay the bills. 

  3. That's funny! 

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