On The Shoulders of Giants

Standing, we fall. Falling seems to get our attention to a much greater degree than just waiting around for the drill Sargent to choose our face for special treatment. We can't hide and we can't run but passing out... now there is a great job opportunity.

Dazed and confused we go through life and living unnoticed and un-noticing. Why peek behind the veil when we're much too busy relishing our desires. It's disgusting how some call that torment is it not?

Many have come before us and perhaps many will follow, the future is about as certain as one's thoughts on the matter. Driving off a cliff we find the time to tinker with things in our own house but inevitably the house falls. Of what use are the tricks and traps so easily bought from the flea-market. Where oh where will it all take us.

For some, life is a journey going from one destination to another in the hopes that landing somewhere will ground us enough for sanity to open the front door and proudly walk in. Perhaps even so with the television blaring in the living room and in our heads. Falling in love with ourselves provides the opportunity to embrace the adventure of life and living but only the wicked survive.1

Sooner or later the banker will arrive demanding their fair share of your hard earned plunder. The devil is in the details, so easily overlooked while on the speeding train of death. Some call it an adventure, I call it just another saga being playing out within the bounds of limitation.

There are no giants among Men.2

  1. I'm hoping that you really get the meaning of that. 

  2. A different class of being is the answer.] 

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