The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to take command and gives pause to the weak and afraid. I really have to laugh at the preposterousness of it all since force is greatly misunderstood around these here parts.

Personally, I shy away from force because I am of the belief that when communication wends and winds it's way into that field of illusion what's left is nothing but tricks and traps with beingess thrown out the window along with the baby. There are so many greater levels of communication and interaction why, I ask myself rhetorically, would anyone purposely choose and defined themselves with anything else.

Force is an illusion, make no mistake about it.

Some people thrive based upon that illusion but that doesn't change it's purpose one iota. With overwhelming odds what is left for the poor lost souls who wonder and wander all throughout the stars, constantly seeking yet never finding the 'peace' so forcefully pursued.

I wonder at the state of Man when there are those who become as parasites upon the face of the Earth seeking and targeting the parasitic draw of time and attention away and apart from those of 'less' character, of 'less' stamina. I'm funny that way. I can power a light bulb for quite the while and in many case still do but perhaps my entertainment level exists at a different plane of existence as I watch the clueless maintain composure and stance, or at least watch them as they try to.

Intelligence can be measured only in relation to what the common standard is or in other words what flag is currently being run up the flag pole. Standing back in admiration is it not proper and fit to encourage others to follow suit and when resistance is encountered to apply just the right amount of pressure to remake the world in our own image.

Communication is no different. But what is really different is the importance place upon it. Word games are such an entertaining sport are they not? Even the professionals think so, so who am I to argue that silly point.

All that you see, is you.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see something else for a change? While gazing in the mirror of one's charm and repute perhaps one day a silly little thought will find it's way into the machinery so as to spark a different wheel to turn ever so slightly but enough to change the projection.

Most see their illusion of who I am which gives me the freedom to walk the Earth. Otherwise I would have been dead and buried quite the while ago. It's not that I'm afraid of that but wouldn't it be nice to run some different programming? Wouldn't it be nice to change the channel so as to let a different set of brainwashing to flow over one's self as a newly born thought of one's own creation?

The most previous gift to Man is Man. I'm sorry to have to tell you that your overwhelming pride at the thought has vanquished all sanity. But I'm sure that a little more force, a little more exertion of what it means to be you will solve the riddle of your own creation.

There is no way out. Beating the hell out of everything will just leave a trail of breadcrumbs to your front door. But you already know all that and so as fear takes flight there is no where to run, no place to hide and no when to go to.

Reminds me of the story of the King who wore no clothes. It's obvious to all but himself only in this story the universe is naked and all the good little boys and girls think that their clothes are just awesome, proudly and boastfully displaying their 'finest'.

I see not because I'm looking but because you demand it.

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