Life Pursuits

There was a time when all that was required of one was to remain as they are. Not as they were but as they are. In these times of uproar, disturbance and an itch reminiscent of poison ivy what we are has taken a back seat to what we were. The past never defines us but our baggage sure does.

Traveling as we do through that funny thing called time there is a general tendency to pick various souvenirs along the way and as our collection and collections grow larger and larger there is only so much that we can hide under the rug. Sooner or later Spring comes where a good airing out of the dirty laundry must take place.

Gazing upon the landscape of our hopes and dreams can we pursue another bone tossed to the winds of change so easily?

Some do while others whip out the notepad to jot a thing or two as a memorial to future lives. Setting the stage can come easily but so can ignorance. Luckily for one and all there are so many roads to choose that one can never, ever have the hope of traveling them all. But according to due diligence one must try.

I leave the drama to those best suited to the task for it's never ending as well.

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