Time in it’s ever-lasting form marches to a different beat. It must be a different beat because if there was an understanding of it there wouldn’t be so many problems that get handed on a silver platter. The worst part is serving hot dogs in a stadium filled to capacity. Playing to that crowd how can an embrace be made whereby limitation and lack become non-existent?

Do you see what I mean?

‘Captain’ Bill Robertson1 came to his understanding that we all do the loopy-de-loop where time is like GroundHog Day playing and re-playing particular events for some unfathomable reason. Breaking free is supposed to mean that one ‘learns’ their lesson and moves to the next classroom. Turning the page and moving on, another story line presents it’s self to the awareness. Grasping for attention, why not follow?

It’s like the long-distance runner using hill and dale to their best advantage and at the end of it all what else can we expect but… more. And so as the baton is picked up we shake and jiggle to some different beat and enjoy the wind as it rushes past our bodily movement.

Who needs physical form when our sense of being will serve just as well. I suppose it could be said that that is progress.

I think I’ll sit this one out.

  1. You know the one, the dude that kicked the Free Zone into gear so that the seekers will have something else to fight about. 

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