Stepping Back In Time

In time all things happen. Sometimes the wait can be worth it and at other times the wait never seems to end but in either case the passage endures. Sitting in a lawn chair and finding entertainment just for amusement purposes eternity passes by or should I say unravels1.

We all tend to see what we want to see, isn't that what sight is for? They say the hunter has binocular vision so as to zero-in on prey. Is that what sight is all about, for 'survival'? Cheapening the goods, of what value can it be assigned. Are we all in a games condition, climbing the ladder to ultimate success or are we but pawns upon the chess board being played over and over again by those 'better' than us.

As we occupy ourselves with questions amid confusions the only way out is to pretend that there is nothing of import which can affect us, that we bear no responsibility when blinded. How could we be the cause of our own demise?

Indeed, how is it that we are responsible no matter what we do, that our effects upon the Universe do take flight. When we no longer wish to see ourselves why not become as an actor upon the stage of life and living and perform to our fullest capacity endearing and engendering that which we seek. Chasing our tails, the broken record of our dreams haunts us not because we know better but perhaps because our justifications must succeed.

The truth never seeks nor needs a reason for being which leads to the wonderment that into the future we are a sight for sore eyes.

There is no going back in time and so the crowds rush madly forward creating and recreating that which is comforting and known2. Why not relive a nightmare where scintillating senses tingle with emotion making us feel alive and of purpose. How far Man has come3.

It's said, time is the sandbox children get to play in. What's the point when it's entertainment value has long since vanished, is stubbornness the ruse to ensure it's survival? There are far greater wonders in the Universe, why the pretension of ignorance. Or is the urge to 'help' so overwhelming that we let loose the bull in the china shop.

As we create our destiny in each moment of our breath, what will you do with it.

  1. There is much debate along that front but never mind that right now. 

  2. Yes, the crowds. 

  3. Said only in relation to it's beginning. 

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