We Still Are What We Are

Stretching the lie with which we have coddled and nurtured ourselves with, how do we come to know that what we believe is no longer an option. Where is it in time and space that we will find ourselves pondering and wondering about our current plight and exactly how it is that we arrived. Here in this wonderful place movement occurs, jaws drop and bright lights dance before our mind's eye blinding us to our wayward ways and opening the door to a perspective with which we never thought we would ever regain.

There are no lost boys. Neither all the rest of it.

Wandering out in the fields of life and living is never an option despite the fact of comfort and glee. We become that which we believe but like any belief there is always an expiration date. Time runs out for the timekeepers but as for the rest, there is no such thing. Not all can be found wandering out in the back forty.

Breaking ground on a new life is not about becoming, learning or whatever other 'meaningful' phrase, name or 'state' of being one wishes to attach. We all contain the potential of our existence, expressing it as we deem fit. There are no answers to questions that are irrelevant and as we seek ourselves in the Mirror of Life and Living sooner or later, as we look back beyond the turning pages, we come to find that the bus stop where we thought we where never existed and all the fairy tales we beguiled ourselves with has come to naught.

We still are what we are.

Some things never change.

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