Drowning In A Sea of Lies

Truth can be a slippery slope and when the dish is served as such, lies become substantive. Out of thin air they are conjured and as we all sit back and wonder in awe at the amazing show the new reality takes hold and draws power as if by magic from the depths and breaths of our souls.

We do indeed feed the beast and little realize just how much the thumb hurts as we pound the hell out of it. It must be someone else's fault as surely we would never do the unthinkable. Our innocence has long left us so why the ruse?

Targeting the only currency in the universe we embrace Capitalism as the bucket of crabs cling to each other trying to escape, clawing at random all the while being clawed1.

There is no escape.

Isn't it about time that you realize the we are no longer the children of God imagined but the hell on Earth nightmarishly dreamed into existence. What better way to enjoy the sights than to reduce it all to mere representations.

Are we but representations ourselves? Has the past so lovingly archived been carried forward so our puppet can be more perfectly imagined? Creatures of night, traveling by night, embrace what most shun. But the same can be said for it's polarity. Is this what balance is all about, to level the scales through justice?

Personally, it's but folly and a fool's errand to move through time and space in such a fashion as to provide lack and limitation. Reducing ourselves takes us further and further away from whence we came. There is no going home but it does make for a good cover story.

All around us are creatures of the night eagerly awaiting our arrival. The creatures of the day do the same as they all say that there is strength in numbers. I've never visited Disneyland and never will. I am not a crab.

Taking responsibility these days is like calling shotgun and jumping in the car letting the driver do as they will while the rush of being at the forefront fills one with excitement and glee. Of course it's someone else doing the steering but why let that be a concern. As masters of our ship why not take a back seat every once in a while. It's good to be enslaved from time to time is it not? How else do we come to recognize 'freedom' other than to put it all into a perspective created and crafted to our own 'special' needs.

If you are alive then surely I must be dead.

  1. As was told to me by a very important person. Not the capitalism thing but the more important part. Awesome dude. 

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