A Friendly Reminder

"Friends..., friends...., who needs friends..." says the mad scientist from Day of the Tentacle.1 I loved that game when it came out, probably one of the very few that I enjoyed. It didn't help that I spent quite a bit of time trying to get a copied version working correctly but that's the nature of the business I suppose.

Anyway, friends can be taken to mean many, many things and so I tend to be quite selective in my use of the term. I can count on one hand the number of friends that I have. I could even take away a finger or two and still have room. As a matter of fact I could do that a few times and still be 'ok'. Does that make me a 'loner' without family or friends to rely on, without comfort or a listening ear to help ease life's toils and troubles? Puh-lease!

The word itself is so used and abused that I do enjoy throwing it right back into the frying pan for another scorching session of letting the cook know that that is not how to cook fish. But who am I to repeat life's lessons to the umpteenth time all in the hopes that a little conscious awareness comes to be thrown my way. Sometimes I feel like the ever vigilant dog excitedly wagging it's tail just waiting, no begging that a bone be thrown setting off the rush of adrenaline which accompanies the task of fetching that lovely thing called awareness. Makes me drool just at the thought of it.

Some people lay claim to friends all over the place, from low to high places though status is assured when one emphasize high. Even though it's a dead giveaway mixing friendship with status, some people just can't resist bending the universe to their definition of will. I can't help but laugh at the entertainment of it all.

I could go on and on about the different 'types' of friends which people tend to lay claim to but that really bores me. Qualifying and quantifying just is not my thing. For those that like to play games, please go ahead and enjoy yourself. Gather, accumulate and make use of all the 'friends' in the universe if it so pleases you. I'm sure that your own compassion, kindness and care would absolutely prevent you from leaning upon others for your own enjoyment. By 'enjoyment' I am referring to one's own tendency to take pride in self reflection, you know - what comes to you through your own efforts.

My own view is a bit different from all that. This is not to say that anyone and everyone doesn't have the right to do as they please, to carry out their embodiment and otherwise, and to do as what befits their own tendencies, characteristics and whatever the hell else you want to call one's own idea of themselves. It's true, you are in charge of not only what you are but what you think.

A being, without the mantle of purpose and plan just is. That is me, that is you and that is every single being in every known or unknown 'living' space. It's true, we are all the same.2

And in that basic sameness there are no friends and there are no enemies. We do indeed create our very own with which to interact with and in so populating the universe we find life and living.

Isn't the matrix wonderful?3

But I am not about that.

  1. I'm pulling this from memory so don't shoot me if it's not exactly correct. 

  2. In this way I don't have family, friends, enemies nor nemesis'. All are at arms length. 

  3. This is of course a reference to the move The Matrix where the separation between reality and appearance is vividly and pointedly made. 

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