Harboring No Good Will

Nothing in this Universe is as it appears. As appearances go, the presentation is seriously lacking. Parlor tricks may provide entertainment but it's at a base level. Where are all the warm and fuzzies, have they gone? Looking about we find whatever it is we are longing for, sometimes to good effect and at other times not so much. In the rise and fall of our breathing we take in what is required.

Stepping lightly may provide a safe haven but it changes nothing. We see what we see and that which we see we are. There is no becoming in that at all. The urge for growth is but a play upon our sympathies. Traveling in time and space does little to 'fix' that.

And so here we are, imagining that we have become. The King does indeed have no clothes but who are we to care about such a silly notion as that. Are we not grand in our accomplishments and deserve the rewards we so loving bestow upon ourselves.

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