Thrashing The Night Away

In trying to escape from our thoughts the hamster wheel becomes but a blur upon the landscape. Over and over we tread the same path expecting different results. Eventually we 'take a break' only to return to the very same sorrows and pain. Is this the life of sanity which we wish for our selves.

Searching and reaching for the stars our grasp exceeds our convictions and as we fall back upon the face of the Earth ignorance remains. There is no escaping our selves. The path before us may seem wanton and unjustified and yet there it is in it's full glory. The eyes do not lie.

Facing our future, we 'find' hints and clues to as what the hell we are doing and yet that very same ignorance comes a'callin' basking in it's limelight. If the truth will set us free then why on Earth are we yet bound. It's not about some 'truth' tossed and turned our way, it's about who we are. Yes, the mirror does not lie1.

Eventually we tend to catch up with our selves and only then do the Walls of Jericho come down. It's true, there is a heaven on Earth.

When we meet our 'maker' we find that the mirror does not lie. It's all a silly 'joke' of course but since no one is laughing, forget I said that.

Navigation requires a steady hand. You are the Captain of your ship, what say you?

  1. Life is like that. 

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