Walking The Tightrope

Some of us exist purely for speculation while others have a much different agenda and there are plenty of agendas to go around. Looking about we see one thing or another and yet beyond the scope of mortal Man there exists many byways and highways. Paths are plentiful in the Land of No Return1.

We live life after life and yet death becomes us2. In looking we sometimes see and when the revelation hits, it hits hard. Sometimes the awake take it all in stride while others stumble to and fro trying to make sense of it all. There is no sense to be grasped but that is the point. Reaching for the stars, we embrace the 'unknown' and always seem to come up short. Though nothing is left behind it seems as if all is. When we eventually come to fruition, as we always do, those trumpets we hear in the background welcome us with a joy we have come to know and love. Home is where the heart is.

Waking is never easy nor is it a plight of servitude. We are what we are and there is no going back. Of course there is no 'back' but the thought keeps it all alive3.

Riding the saddle of joy takes us to parts unknown. Of course we enjoy creating the mystery with which we unfold but it is all according to a 'plan'. We are never what we seem. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

As we relax into oblivion the lights get turned on and we being to see. Further and further the depths takes our intent and eventually we wind up in the same place from whence we began. Standing firm, we realize that we remain as we have always remained. There is nothing left over after the divisional divide.

Home is.

Conjecture can take into flights of fancy but what is the hurry to arrive. We are going nowhere, fast or slow the choice is yours. As we speak into the ears of knowledge there can only be one realization.

As we stand firm the resolve never leaves because it resides within the encapsulation. Stepping out is not an option, therefore we walk the tightrope never leaning this way or that but ensuring the steadfast forward action of moving onto to where it is that we must arrive henceforth. The gravity of the situation beckons onlookers but as the crowd gathers in awe no step is left unturned.

All is revealed in the due process of unfoldment. Time is neither of the essence nor required of conviction. There is balance in 'walking' the line.

There is no balance in avoiding that which reveals itself before the eyes of perception. No one is left alone on the journey of discovery.

  1. Or your money back. The sales pitch is always entertaining, as it should be. 

  2. Zombie movies are quite entertaining. 

  3. For entertainment purposes of course. 

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