Nothing Remains

In a world without end where do we find the finality of our hopes and dreams. In expectation our lives take flight and carry us across the worlds of desire but in reality we never leave home. It must be strange to feel alive and yet 'dead' at the same time. Though the walking dead of our dreams can haunt us reality tells us a much different story, a story which unfolded tends to surprise and amaze us.

It's true, we are not alone.

In dimension the chess game continues to play out it's purpose and even though we may 'forget' our origins, we remain fixated to such. To live the life of dreams is to never 'wake up'. Of course 'waking up' is best left to the dead and dying but even in _thatpredicament we can come alive.

The glory we seek is already within us. As a matter of fact we are that glory, so why the ruse?

In the contemplation of our plight we take refuge all the while the Universe sings it's song of redemption. Missing the beat, we try to create. Nothing is at it seems but isn't that the point.

In stretching our awareness we find old habits die hard. So what. We are not what we were. Moving on, we become. Unfolding and expressing who and what we are the mirror of Life and Living beckons to provide. Controlling the Universe is but folly and so we live to tell the tale.

Nothing remains from that which there is no solace. All I can give you is this.

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