Stretching The Thought Into Oblivion

Following the thread, we tend to err on the side of caution for we know not what lies ahead. It's a lie of course but it's suitability suits us as we take on whatever means to our end. Playing out the story-line, we relish the thought of reaching our destination. Hanging onto our hats the ride comes alive!

As we progress down the Halls of Justice we notice the walls are lined with portraits of those who have come before us. Never to leave one behind we recognize countenance upon countenance. Gazing, if only for a fleeting moment, reminds us that we are not alone. We indeed do stand upon the shoulders of giants.

Those giants are us of course because while we do the 'rinse and repeat' cycle there is always time for loosing ourselves in a good book or two. The tales to tell draw us in chapter by chapter.

it's true, there is nothing new in this Universe nor in the ones 'beyond'. If you are looking for a thrill ride in this amusement park you will surely find it but that doesn't mean you should clutch the ticket of eternity all the while hoping for a better outcome. There is no one coming to 'save' you. On the polarity, you are alone.

Breaking through the ignorance of establishment we find that life does indeed find a way. Though there are plenty of worlds to explore sooner or later the hamster wheel's spin leaves us wanting. So what's the point of returning to the endless abyss of a fruition which cannot come.

There is no need to 'carry on' in the light of nothing to carry.

Please, will the last one out, please turn out the light.

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