The Plot Thickens

Lost in a maze of wandering projections where oh where can the exit be. Looking to the left, looking to the right, nothing offers salvation. And then, inspiration hits. Shall we play a game?1

Since there is no way out of this Universe or any other such none-sense where does that leave us. If the way 'out' is the way through then the question must be asked, through what, exactly. Perception tends to leave us high and dry and so we spin the Wheels of Fame and Fortune and take refuge in it's embrace. In looking we never really see. That which lies before us is nothing but our own desires seeking fruition.

If no one plays then where is the game.

Since our participation is required we set our feet to the fire to see what happens. All are willing who play along but that doesn't mean that anything is given up in the process2. We are not alone.

In combination of conception and separation there is a whole battlefield awaiting you arrival. All you have to do is look at it.

With but a glance we become. Seeking is not finding and so the plot thickens.

  1. Think "War Games" and all it entails. 

  2. Unless of course one does willingly give it up. 

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