Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing upon a star against the backdrop of the deep dark blackness of space, loneliness comes full circle and impacts the ground below and above our feet planting us firmly upon the firmament of time, space and the joy of sorrows yet to come to pass. In aliveness we find death and yet scratch our heads in wonder as to what it all means. Understanding never quite seems to take root in the cellar of our dreams. Perhaps there is yet time to open the door and see.

Spinning in circles our breath carries our voice upon the four corners of the universe in an expression that never seems to full-fill. Perhaps our lives will yet come to be revealed as we read the newspaper of life, living and the pursuit of temporary happiness. The parking meter seems to be slowly working it's way down into the zone called our obscurity.

Perhaps we should have left a note behind for us to find. Since our future is never written in stone we can continue the facade of our living in justice and honor. The sad truth of the matter is that it is all a lie. Does that make we ourselves a lie? Is there truth to the wives tale of Falling from Grace or are we just one more speck upon the sea of change unknowingly adrift in the sands of a time which we do not recognize nor give credence to. What stake do we have in it all?

As perception is riddled with holes enough to qualify as cheese where do we derive our righteousness from. Are we so implanted with our own ideas that there is no other life with which to contemplate an existence with? I suppose it is all in a day's work but where does that leave us when the Boss leaves the office for another life somewhere where you cannot go.

There used to be a boy's club running things around here but sometimes it takes a long, long time to slow the train of thought.

Perhaps that is the point of wishing upon a star.

It's okay to think of something else.

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