Calling The Heavens

Well, it's not a secret. Now that it's been brought forward enough for even the walking dead1 to notice we can all go home now, right? Job done, let's move on because there's plenty in the pipe that need doing. Waking up awareness can be like pulling teeth and I can speak for others at this point by saying that we've had enough pouting and complaining to last well into the next millennium. There are no take-aways.

Rules and regulations are great for discipline and even better for enslavement. There is no way out but fighting the 'good' fight can help to create the justification for enablement. The few, the proud, the brave. The list was a short one but now not so much. Toddlers come to walk sooner or later and though the proud mom's may boast of 'early' development we all know the truth of the matter.

We all walk the path before us. There are no excuses or justifications for doing so for the simple reason that in knowledge, wisdom grows. At least that is what I've heard tell but I'm not a farmer.

In progress, development takes place. Some portray themselves in time and space and while excitingly pointing, proclaim in a loud voice, "There I am!" Yes, there you are.

I've heard tell of even more, but never mind that right now, perhaps ever.

Looking up into the heavens of thought, redemption can come to pass and lead us not into temptation but ever-lasting life2. Remember that 'time and space' thing previously mentioned? Well, we are not alone, never have been and never will. From the small to the infinite we seek life, new civilizations, to boldly go where no Man has gone before3.

Yes, it's all been said before and even done before. For some it is far easier to play along to get along than it is to be the defining moment. Where some will look outside of themselves for safety and security, others know that there is no outside.

It is true, you are what you see.

This is not me telling you but you telling yourself. In the mirror of Life and Living that which is reflected is you.

If you don't like the channel, simply change yourself4. The rest will follow5.

  1. No offense intended. 

  2. Can you carry a tune? 

  3. Critical cultural defects ignored. 

  4. No remote needed. 

  5. Just like the world is doing now. 

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