There Is life After death

The dead and dying have something in common. Leaving it all 'behind' the future becomes something of an unknown yet comforting quest. Better days are yet to brew.

It's always the same. Forward progress means a great deal to those on the locomotive express traveling at a high rate of speed to the next destination. As we are all on the same passenger train headed into oblivion it is good to know that we are in shared company.

Misery loves company.

Embracing all that is good and evil in the world we take our cues from the servitude we exhibit among ourselves. Keeping each other in line we toe the very same. And when a wrinkle pops ups it becomes one of survival and all join the bandwagon in removing the so-called threat. Our safety is our number one concern.1

Making our way forward we eventually find that this forward which is all the rage has left us wanting. The sales brochure is well concocted with us in mind. There is no where to go but 'through'.2

Through the pain and suffering, we finally meet our maker and discover that it was all but a lie uniquely made to order. Lacking knowledge is not an excuse.3

  1. Hearing that one must surely run for the hills. 

  2. That makes me laugh every time. 

  3. Wow. 

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