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There Is Nothing Else

In exploring the push which by the way is about completely ignored, we seek and find. The finding part is not quite up to the task but it is there anyway, enticing all those who gaze upon it. There must be something more even if it... 13 Nov 2023

Harboring No Good Will

Nothing in this Universe is as it appears. As appearances go, the presentation is seriously lacking. Parlor tricks may provide entertainment but it's at a base level. Where are all the warm and fuzzies, have they gone? Looking about we find... 12 Aug 2022

The Process of Processing

There is a rumor going around that in order for a being to 'evolve' or 'be themselves' a process must be embraced. That process involves, of course, some particular and 'important' rules of the road be attended to. Diligently. There is... 25 Jul 2020

By The Shore of Our Dreams

Where is it that we find ourselves when our eyes abruptly disturb the slumber with which we have embraced and endured ourselves with throughout the ages of Man. When the clock strikes twelve are we able to divine meaning or is it just another... 23 May 2020

Coming Face-to-Face With One's Self

Facing one's self is another way of looking in the mirror of Life and Living and coming away with a new respect for what is. All that we see is what we see, no more and no less and when we become enamored with our perspective we glorify... 04 Jan 2012

Becoming Human

From heaven to hell our route consumes us in our quest of movement through time and space. Where we go and what we have done comes to mean little as we dive head first into the next action scene of our devising. Strange as it seems, we do indeed... 16 Nov 2005

Bending Time

According to our own will we look upon the Universe as being a place. Within that place we endeavor to seek out and take within the experience which we place there for ourselves. Defining time and space, we come to live life to the fullest. Of... 08 Sep 2003

Out of Death, Life Arises

When there is nothing left to say, who will be the one to say what needs to be said? Who among us will have the courage to present their neck as an offering in order to make the point which must be made? There are no points to be made and no one... 17 Aug 2001

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