Bending Time

According to our own will we look upon the Universe as being a place. Within that place we endeavor to seek out and take within the experience which we place there for ourselves. Defining time and space, we come to live life to the fullest.

Of course that is but a dream, and at the same time it provides a vehicle for waking up. Becoming lost in our sphere of influence the separation which we have created turns on it's heels and comes in for the kill. We become the effect of ourselves in action.

It seems kind of silly to buy a brand new car and make it known that we own it. That it is our pride of possession which is at hand. Relishing the victory we look for the next battle to be fought, and of course, won.

Becoming things is not the route to Spiritual independence.

The things which one surrounds oneself with are the very same things which define us. There is no separation. And even in the face of denial, while those of like mind will add the confirmation sought, all that will be gained is further Bank co-dependence.

It's true. The Bank cannot survive without you.

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