Where I Stand

I stand here and no where else. There is no where else to be other than right here, right now. Where else could I go for where ever I may find myself, there I am. It's like claiming yourself as baggage when you travel.

Those are mine. Those possessions are mine. I own them, therefore they are mine.

Owning thoughts, considerations and memories makes traveling ever so burdensome. It seems to take forever to get anywhere. Long and drawn out, when will we get there?

It's amazing that a simple thing like leaving it all behind can be ever so difficult. After collecting so many memories in our picture books, who could ever be so brave as to throw it all away!

Mine, mine, mine.

It's like a chant. "I must hold onto my memories."

Letting go is more than just leaving a prized possession - it's discarding those things which you are not. Wouldn't it be something if you actually saw yourself as you really are?

When you begin to see yourself you begin to see others. It's called awareness, and it's not found when you busy yourself with posessions of any kind. As a matter of fact, it can only be found when you drop those things which you call possessions and come to realize just what that really means.

So the next time that you are looking to add a little spring to your step, just do this.

Lighten the load.

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