Once Bitten, Twice Shy

There is a large segment of the so-called spiritual community which, after becoming bitterly disappointed in their personal experience with one ideology or another, move on to other endeavors, other hopes and dreams in which to once again seek comfort and security. Unfortunately, there will always be bitter disappointment when one relies upon an authority figure, whether in the form of a personal god or a group mentality, all seeking one thing or another.

And that is the mistake which colors many worlds - the mistake of placing responsibility for oneself upon another.

There is not one spiritual being, who has freed themselves from the well of Life, who will stand up and demonstrate that they are the way. Not one, in this regard.

Creating dependency is the same as ensuring slavery. Slaves can not, and never will be, freed.

Only those who are willing to be themselves can even begin to glimpse the Freedom that is at hand. And that Freedom is not found in another. That Freedom is not found in ideology, 'right' thinking, or even in living the so-called 'truth'. Freedom is only found in you. It is the only way.

No one can make you Free. Only you can provide the way. Only you can put forth the effort to be Free. Who ever said that you can only get there by going from here is lying. The many, many, methods of madness that have been experimented with on this planet have all led to no where. How much faster can you run and not get any where?

When one gets bitten, perhaps that is the time to realize that the bite mark which is left on the hand is a constant reminder that it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself - not another. It's your hand, why not do something about it?

It's your Freedom which is at hand, why not do something about it?

Reliance upon some thing or some one is about as far removed from yourself as you could get.

Shying away from Spiritual Freedom, just because the experience that you sought did not come your way, demonstrates that you were not after Spiritual Freedom to begin with, but were, instead, looking for emotional content. When you want to feel good remember this, sensation has nothing to do with Spiritual Freedom and every thing to do with swimming in the ocean of despair. Haven't you had enough of living in the Land of the Dead yet?

There has been and always will be, only one way out. You must pick yourself up and see. Not see with the mind's eye, but to see what is. If you haven't guessed it already, the mind is a constant reminder that things are not now the way they were. It never will be.

It's called being in the moment. When there are no memories, no pictures to be captivated by, no emotional content to 'hang up', all that will be left is an awareness of what is. That isness is also called Reality. It is always here and no where else. Not in the past and certainly not in the future.

When one succumbs to time the Universe explodes with opportunity.

But there is no opportunity like this very moment. It is the only time that you will ever have. Why not make the most of it?

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