Eggshells and Banana Peels

As we tread thru life, we gingerly walk upon eggshells hoping that our footsteps do not disturb more than what we bargained for. What a pity. I'd rather slip on a banana peel than to be so afraid of my actions that I become introverted in life.

Looking ahead in life requires one to become extroverted. Not extroverted to the extent of looking where our next footstep should be on the path of eggshells, but to the extent of solidly making a clear and determined push into the future. There is nothing like a tomorrow, where we can create enjoyable circumstances out of life that will enrich ourselves and as many others as can possibly include.

This is the ultimate way of controlling the physical universe and the more beings that are included and enriched by our actions, the more we control the physical universe.

When we allow other beings to share our prosperity we become richly rewarded by gaining their acknowledgement and assistance in furthering our selected goal. The greater the assistance, the easier it is for us to change the heavens.

When we dance alone, no one notices, but when we all dance together, the universe trembles with delight.

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