The Game Of Spiritual Freedom

There are all sorts of Games in this Universe to be played, or more correctly, available for playing. Thetans like a good Game, but that is only said by those who themselves, continue to play a Game or Games. Good company can be hard to find.

Games, in themselves are not harmful, but there are some things associated with Games that are not only harmful, but quite destructive as well and are the reason for bringing about terms such as 'pawn' and 'piece'.

A Thetan cannot be killed, cannot perish in any way and certainly cannot be harmed. But it is absolutely amazing the things that Thetans will do to themselves to demonstrate the reality of these.

Pretending is part of the Game.

In this Universe there is something for everyone. Every kind of Game, experience, knowledge - you name it, it is all there to be had. It is all there just waiting for you and if not you, then plenty of others. The Universe is just filled with busy Thetans scurrying to and fro, going here and there, always on some sort of quest or adventure. There seems to always be some sort of mission to undertake, some damsel to rescue or dragon to slay.

Always some thing.

Making a 'new' Game of Spiritual Freedom is, in fact, quite destructive. It doesn't, in itself, provide the goal, It simply cannot and will not.

But, there is a purpose behind creating the Game of Spiritual Freedom. If Thetans love to 'play games', well, then this Game will help to get their attention. And it does. But it is still a lie and falls in the same arena as making Scientology auditing the goal and purpose of Spiritual Freedom. It just won't happen.

The Game of Spiritual Freedom is the vehicle of getting there from here. Why isn't the Truth of the matter just made known? The reason is simple. Who do you know that is willing to be the Truth that they are 'looking' for?

Thetans are generally quite happy and contented being immersed within the Bank. Despite all the pain and suffering that continuously occurs, Thetans, just the same, prefer remaining right where they are. Sometimes, it requires a bit of coaxing to convince Thetans that, in fact, they are quite Free.

No, it can't be true because that would be just too easy.

And so, we play Games. But we are never far from Truth because once a Thetan deceives itself, it spreads like wildfire. As we play the Game of Spiritual Freedom, we know our operating basis. We know the purpose of appearances and illusions and within that playing field we remain ever true to Ourselves.

But Games are not for us, it is for others and that is why there is a Game of Spiritual Freedom.

It helps to find one's way home.

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