Cutting Through Closed Doors

Living without communication skills is like living in a vacuum cleaner. There is one heck of a lot of noise and one is forcibly pushed about by everything imaginable. It's almost as if one is completely at the mercy of something else - something that cannot be seen and lies right at the edge of awareness.

And that is the point of gaining a full understanding of communication - to pull yourself out of the maelstrom. Separating yourself from all the thoughts, concepts and ideas that most people depend upon, squarely places you in a position of awareness. You come to see.

Communication, besides being used as a medium to spread association, can also be used to cut through associations in order to reach the spiritual being which lies behind those closed doors.

Communication has nothing to do with intention unless force is being used to focus one's attention upon some specific task. Yes, intention can work at times, but using pictures to imagine, or postulate some future event has a way of finding itself in the past. Breaking through time and space, affinity, or love, reaches through anything and everything imaginable.

And that is the purpose of good communication skills. They are skills to use to learn that no spiritual being is any different from yourself.

When that realization comes to home you will find that time and space are mere imaginings for a lazy summer afternoon.

Cutting through closed doors requires honesty, integrity and an absence of dark corners, hidden or not. The next time someone is not getting it, you just may come to find that you are the one who you are talking to.

Do you have what is takes to communicate as a spiritual being, or do you prefer the comfort of living behind closed doors?

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