Out of Death, Life Arises

When there is nothing left to say, who will be the one to say what needs to be said? Who among us will have the courage to present their neck as an offering in order to make the point which must be made? There are no points to be made and no one is listening. Isn't that what the problem is to begin with. In order to fulfill our solutions, we take diligent pride in the creation of our problems. Hand in hand, we becomes blessed with knowledge and feel certain that in our fulfillment, we will 'rise' above all others. Reaching new heights, we circle above our prey and patiently await the next meal. It's called the food chain.

Are you the meat in which strength arrives at another or do you lack the sustenance in which to present yourself as being worthy? Submission in the animal kingdom is looked upon quite well in the circles of those who know.

Expounding our opinions, beliefs and ideas causes the blind to follow the blind. Creating effects can be measured in the amount of feedback presented. What else is an effect good for than to create the dreams we have imagined for ourselves. What life could be considered complete without a healthy dose of conviction?

Traveling as we do, we eventually begin to stop looking out of the window and begin that very strange and uncomfortable journey within. Gazing, we captivate ourselves and marvel at our reflection. My, what a pretty sight!

Becoming full of oneself, the dawn slowly takes form and reveals itself as the beckoning light to which we fixate. Trading one for another, we continue our journey.

What more could be said when we have said enough and had our fill. What is it that we are filling anyway? What endless pit do we fill ourselves with when all else has been vanquished? Does the emptiness becomes the fullness of Life and Living? Perhaps we should call ourselves the Walking Dead.

Out of Death, Life arises. Being reborn is not just some shallow Christian concept used as an initiation into a select group of like-minded individuals. Being reborn is watching the dropping away of sleep from one's eyes and seeing the world as it is, once again. There really is no better sight to behold than the reality of Life itself and if it takes a little Death every now and then to remind oneself, than so be it.

The question remains. What is there left to say when all that you have said, and done, has come to pass. What next great flight of fancy will you undertake, or will you begin to care enough for those around you to cancel your traveling plans and realize that even the Gods themselves cannot exist without the help of their creations. In your infinite wisdom, when will you allow yourself to tend to the sheep, no matter whose they are?

There is only one way to reach 'the top' and that is the way of Self expression. Unlock the vastness within and you will be amazed at the vastness without. Eternity can not encompass it, nor can Death destroy it. All that can be done is to exert lifetime after lifetime of effort to hide it and pretend that it does not exist.

I see you.

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