Pointing Fingers Tell Tales

THAT organization doesn't have the correct technology. THAT organization doesn't use standard scientology and is therefor a waste of time. THAT organization uses altered technology and produces an overt product. Pointing fingers tell tales and when they rule out all others, the right choice is supposed to be made. If the choice is yours how do you make the 'right' choice when it seems at times that everyone is pointing to everyone else and making less of them. There is only one best, and that best is the choice you make. The nice thing about choice is that you can change your mind.

Freedom is for everyone, not just for those who point fingers in order to further their own goals and purposes. Your freedom depends not upon others ensuring that you get your fair share. Your freedom depends upon your own ability to choose rightness. Your rightness, not someone else's.

I take a lot of flak when someone comes to me and says "choose". Am I to be so presumptuous as to choose for another? Am I to limit another in their quest of scaling their own bridge? All that I can do is suggest a few alternatives. From Knowledgism, to the official CoS organization, I've suggested them all. Of course that makes me unpopular in the 'standard' circles, but I have no use for Ron's valences haunting me in the night ensuring the future that, they say, he has created, and passed down especially for me. Clearing is a child's game, and when you get your fill, you begin to grow into an adult. Have you ever recognized Ron in those who listen, over and over again, to the sound of his voice on the numerous tapes that exist. These people desire, so badly, to be like him that they begin to act like him, 50's language and all. And then they turn around and tell you that you're an sp for saying what's on your mind. The proof in a technology is it's practical application, and so far with all of the enemies so easily being made, perhaps the realization will hit that these people don't have a clue, or a real understanding, of what scientology is. Maybe it's just that they need to study harder, to listen to just a few more tapes, again. It's not a clearing contest anymore, it's a 'be like Ron' contest. And for those that call the dead names, in an attempt at a wake up call, they are met with the, now standard, 'sp' declare. There is a day coming when certain aspects of the Free Zone will begin to openly shun and avoid certain people. As the power struggle enlarges, the causalities will begin to mount up and the tale will be told that 'that one' can be taken care of later. How sad for a spiritual teaching to become so degraded.

Knowledge is lost, and it becomes found. Perhaps there is something missing in the equation. Knowledge without understanding remains knowledge, and if you just study a little longer, listen to a few more tapes, the answer will be revealed. It's not going to happen. The answer is already here. Learn and understand. Learn and understand for yourself, don't make that learning or understanding someone else's. It's your jewel to hold forever. Freedom is not freedom to applaud at material objects, burn incense before images, or to lay down your soul in appreciation to another. That is enslavement. If someone wanted you to be free, they would enable you to find the answers on your own. There is no force or marketing tricks employed. It is jut a pure hearted desire to allow you to open yourself just enough to catch a glimpse of the truth. Graven images, whether dead or alive serve no other purpose than to focus your attention. I'd much rather have you focus your attention on the duties of spiritual enlightenment instead.

Don't get me wrong. I admire any spiritual understanding in it's true form. It speaks to the heart, to the very core of your being and vibrates in harmony. When the awareness of that vibratory activity goes unnoticed, all sorts of calamities begin to fall.

I am an enslaver, an implanter and a doer of no good. These terms have always been used, through out time, to help focus attention on the emergency of one's own spiritual future. Some cultures tell scary stories to create the same effect, but what it comes down to is fear. I do not share the same fear of those who wish to frighten little children into behaving as they 'should'. The future is now and always will be. Your survival depends upon nothing, because you are an immortal being. The beingness called 'you' survives no matter how hard you try to 'kill' it. Forgetfulness is it's cousin. Sooner or later, you're going to come to know certain 'things'. Sooner or later, you'll find out that you are so much more than what everyone around here tells you that you are. Stealing clients is good for business. Spiritual freedom doesn't cost a cent.

And that is what I wish for you. Spiritual freedom with no strings attached. No ideology, no deity worship, no trappings of this or any other universe. You are the dynamic that exists above all dynamics. Your journey of spiritual discovery has brought you here, to this place, to this time. It has been said that the downward spiral has caught us all, but I say otherwise. As beingnesses, the evolvement continues. It hasn't ended, and will not end for a time. Until then, I wish for you a journey filled with more than the delights you could imagine for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

From the physical to the mental to the spiritual, the route is just a route. The clear path already defined by others is illusionary. There is no path because no one has yet made it out and come back to tell you, and they won't either. If you follow someone, blindly thrashing and hacking their way through the forest, there can be only one result. If you are to follow someone, follow yourself to what you know is right and correct, and if doubts arise, well then there are always teachings to be found to help set you right.

The difference between a proper spiritual path and an illusionary one is that the illusion must make you believe in order to survive. The real does not. The real does not require servitude or weekly blessings. It does not require being hypnotized by listening to tapes over and over again. The real is what becomes true for you and you alone. How can you help another when your own self is in dire need? To help yourself is to help another. Charity begins at home and with charity to yourself, you allow the truth to reveal itself. Yes, it does reveal itself. From the drunken man on the street who you may look at in disgust, to the prim and proper fashion queen, demonstrating their gift to all who will see. The truth isn't 'out there', it's 'in here'. Within you lies the spiritual vastness of the unknown. When the seeking stops, the finding begins. When the finding stops, understanding reigns. After understanding, you will not see the truth, but know the truth.

Looking for answers in another leaves questions for yourself. You are the answer and the solution to your own totality. Whatever road you take to get there, gets you there. But you must take the first step on your own. Be true to yourself and uncover the truth that will reveal yourself. Not the truth of another, but of yourself. You are the Truth, the Light and the Way. I know it and you know it.

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