Taking Flight

Walking on the wild side, enduring oneself to become something while at the same time ignoring all that is. There is a goal and that goal must be attained at whatever the cost, whatever the price. The ultimate game is played to win and where is it that we find ourselves? Amidst the turmoil and sorrow, the glee of insanity arises once again from the ashes of it's own destruction. Battling for supremecy, it takes flight to never return this way again. Can owning a religion get any better than this?

Expanding our horizons, we reach a point where the universe ends, only to find more land, more territory in which to fullfill our dreams. Releasing ourselves from the bonds of our whims is nothing short of a miracle and in that miracle life abounds. We hesitate and so become the lost souls seeking and yearning for a better 'hereafter'. There is no time like the present in which to lose ourselves to hopelessness. Eagerly, our destiny beckons us on evermore.

Taking flight, we encompass the entirety of our existence and through our veins life takes purpose and fullfills itself over and over again. Ever higher we yearn and learn realizing that we leave nothing to chance.

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