See What Is Sought

A fleeting glimpse of some long forgotten poetic insight, trembling with delight, it opens and reveals itself from an altered state of reality in which we understand very little, if at all. Comprehension resolves slowly as the thoughts dwindle in despair of becoming assimilated and living within the host of dreams. Encouraging the outward gaze, we reflect upon the reflection and come to know that nothing exists out there for our enjoyment. Confident in the new-found knowledge of understanding, realization begins to melt the icy interior and unmasks the robber of all time and place. Devilish in the glee of awakening, the eyes open as if for the first time.

Passing generational manuscripts in the teachings of that which never changes, the basic principals underlie all that is done and thought. From thinking to creation, the steps ascertain the next move with scarcely any attention at all. Things happen unto themselves for reasons only that which makes the happening happen, can fully understand. Comprehension seems to be left out of the evolutionary scale of justice. Where the thoughts go, the mind is sure to follow and in the destructive wake of it's movements, all hell breaks loose.

Releasing the hard fought gains in which the treasure of imagination takes hold, freedom comes in the night as a thief on silent step, stealing the pillows of comfort on which rests our entire existence, real and imagined. Waking from sleep can be startling indeed!

There is a road down the path of which mankind stumbles and falls and stumbles over and over. It stretches to infinity and beyond and yet to reach it's end, all that must be done is to unlock the door which always seems to reside right before the eyes of deception. Seeing what is sought is not seeing at all.

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