Theta Traps

Imagine going to the circus and at the ‘freak’ show, the announcer comes onto the stage and begins to captivate the audience with his mannerisms and his flowing words, explaining in great detail the wonders to behold. As a member of the audience, you listen patiently, expectantly awaiting the final end product.

As you pay your dues and enter the forbidden zone, you come to realize that among the plastic and ceramic showpieces, there is little of substance. Exiting, you notice the announcer in the throes of another captivation and think to yourself that this must be a terrible way to make a living.

Sometimes, the things that capture and rivet our attention, are not always what is in our own best interests. Luckily, there are ways and means of coming to understand and to know exactly what it is that is occurring and more importantly, of what exactly it is that must be done in order to bypass the ‘freak’ show.

When you turn on the TV, the show comes to town. When you gossip in the back rooms, the show comes to town. When the salesman arrives at the door, the show is invited into our living rooms. Life goes on, but the only way living begins is to foster the urge to ‘know’.

To come to know of intentions is not a gift, but an understanding. To come to know of underlying intent is not an ability that some people just ‘have’, it is something that is acquired. Somewhere along the way, we all visit the ‘freak’ show, but sooner or later, we all come to learn that once bitten need not make us twice shy.

Regaining abilities of long lost times does not mean that those abilities have been denied to us all this time. In order to know of ourself, we must come to know of others as well and in that understanding, our abilities blossom and our hidden talents come alive with unwavering intent.

There are some things that just can’t be denied, so why try to hide it?

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