The Nobility of Being an Officer

After the Wall of Fire, there were a number of Officers who became disoriented, confused, bodiless and more importantly, introspective. It has come to be called The Sleep of Forgetfulness and there are a number of different reasons for the naming.

Among those reasons is the knowledge that these Officers are still playing the Game. They are Officers after all, and Officers live the Codes of their creed. Not one Officer has ever been left behind as a casualty of operations. Not one Officer has ever been forgotten by the Corp. Contrary to appearances, an Officer is ever on duty. That is why there is no distinction between life and duty, they are one and the same.

What then, does the nobility of being an Officer entail? Do officers look down upon those outside of their inner circle of the 'chosen few' in light of this 'nobility'? Is there an interplay of class existence at play here? These sorts of questions may seem logical in light of the title of this commentary, but there is much more to life than the appearance itself.

Classifying Officer nobility is used as a means of enticing the idea of 'looking'. Separating the idealistic role model from the 'down and dirty' role playing of life, creates awareness. It creates the idea that something more exists beyond the immediate focus. In nobility, attention is drawn and in that attention awareness blossoms.

There is an air of nobility about an Officer, there can be no mistake. As the leading edge, the requirement of being the example is never fullfill, it is lived. An individual who strives to be the example will always falter, but the Officer who lives it, contains purpose and intent in every action, in every movement, in every breath.

There is a difference between an Operating Thetan and an Officer. Where the Operating Thetan tends to demonstrate individualistic characteristics more positively, the Officer enjoins the role and widens it's sphere of influence. Banded together along lines of intent, Officers indeed do change the universes and all who dwell within and without.

This is not to say that one single Operating Thetan cannot do these things, it is just done differently.

Appearances present themselves as something to be noticed, but for an Officer, in some ways, appearances never exist.

There is a nobility of an Officer and there is the Officer itself. When the nobility shows itself, the Officer is not far behind. For those who emulate this nobility, the result always comes up short. It never takes long, one way or another, for the truth to be known. All that is needed is awareness and in the nobility of awareness, Life unfolds.

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