The Gods Are Kind Indeed

The Time of Forgetfullness is a Time of Remembrance. In between the moments of thought and reality there exists a slice of time in which the two merge and become as one. For some, the difference does not exist and for others there is a world of difference.

Escaping our thoughts, we emerge from the cocoon of our safe and nurturing environment to extend ourselves out into the universe and beyond. Expanding and reaching, we strive to encompass all that comes before us. Without the moment of unknowing nothing would come to pass, and even that requires one to come alive.

Beyond our boundaries, beyond our borders and even beyond ourselves, the essence of what we would call ourselves continuously seeks itself in whatever it does. Action is ourselves in definition.

Ever reaching, our purposes remain ever elusive and evade us at every turn. What would happen if we stopped chasing ourselves around the mulberry bush? Do we eventually catch up to ourselves, or do we leave ourselves far, far behind. In the balance of Life, the choice is ours.

Compassionate understanding forces us to remind ourselves of just what it is that we are made of. Recognition is the mirror in which we come to see ourselves. Rejoicing in abundance, reality becomes but a thought.

It has been said, when the time comes of the merging, the door is opened. That door is our next step, our next place of visitation where angels walk among us with pointing fingers, showing us our creations.

Remembrance of times come and gone leaves us unfullfilled until our expression unites and entwines itself in the flow of Life. Recapturing our times, we set ourselves free and beyond the moment of acceptance we find out just what it is that we are made of.

When the forgetfullness of our future evaporates with pure intent, we come to know nothing new but of something very old. In the elaborate schemes of our existence, there exists for all Eternity reasons which become exposed as meaningless when we revel and herald the moment of now. Living in the moment is the essence of self definition and in that constriction we conspire to reach other places and other times.

Life is so very, very busy. Everywhere to go and nowhere we haven't been. The only thing awake around here is ourselves, we say with a hint of sleep in our eyes. Looking, our eyes take in Eternity and hurriedly we close them, not wanting to take in too much at once.

Spoiling the moment, we continue until the darkness spurs us on once again.

The Gods are kind indeed.

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