Startling Ourselves Awake

Time continues it's merry trek across the space of our dreams and one can only wonder at the wonder of it all. If it is too good to come to pass then surely the heavens agree, is it not so? Unfortunately The Gods Are Kind Indeed and though laid to rest it always seems as if there remains just enough life to revivify the Universe. "And in this corner..." lies the Beast ready to take on all takers, movers and shakers all. It's funny to observe the obvious as standing back requires one to watch where the hell one is going. But exactly where do all these footsteps lead us? Exactly where is it that we are all going? In perspective all comes together but who has time for that? "Come, look! There is something on the telly!" In our very narrow focus our perception takes on an acuity of it's own and as we see what it is that we see there is nothing else worth our time nor attention. The hamster upon the Wheel of Life and Living embraces the mind-set of being on the run with purpose and plan and yet the observer knows only too well of the outcome.

Do you?

Swinging past the posted guards of our dreams we invite ourselves into the dining room full of festivities upon which we release our urge of self-survival. Does not society require proper dress, proper etiquette in order to present and embrace the image of a freedom where we are at the helm with full and total control? Sheep are like that, there is always one to follow off the cliff to meet one's maker. But never mind that on the way down, there is just too much to do in staying in line and adjusting one's posture according to the rules and regulations laid out before us by those of 'higher' intellect. From pea-size onward the mental state knows no bounds other than it's own and in such limitation and lack we find ourselves painted in the corner again and again with ne'er a foresight in sight. Dreams and reality go hand in hand in that the only control we have is none. All that we can do is hope that we awake from our nightmare before that which we fear will happen, happens.

Isn't it strange that we startle ourselves awake just before the inevitable happens?

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