Riding The Wave of Change

Change is a very funny thing, it kind of... sort of... changes things.

Through a number of years I have addressed the issue of the creation of 'safe' areas whereby those who are so inclined can freely pursue their own spiritual development free or unencumbered of 'outside' influences. Given enough rope almost anyone will hang themselves through their own devices. By enabling freedom one creates restriction and in this case this freedom which has been sought was used as a means of bringing about the polarity which had been relegated to the pile of ignorance, something to be dealt with 'later'. That moment in time was purposely pushed forward through the prospect of a 'spiritual freedom' much like enticing the donkey to continuously move forward by hanging a carrot from a stick in front. Ever eager for an easy meal we all tend to blindly step where no man has gone before.

Sometimes I am reluctant to bait the trap as it requires preconceived notions to be brought into play. Engaging in such flights of fancy does not suit me very well but sometimes one must use the available tools at hand in addressing the situation being brought into play. It is not by my hand which brings about either the situation, the tools or even the context. What we are compelled to do we must do.

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