Surviving The Maelstrom* Called 'Me'

The question is - can it be survived?

And the answer is, of course, no.

One cannot survive that which is subordinate as one already exists prior and subsequent. It can appear quite strange to be told that you are a spiritual, not human, being and that as an integral part of this Universe you supersede each and every aspect. This is not a question of immortality as that perspective requires limitation and lack both which do not apply to you. Of course I am talking about the larger 'you' not the human 'you'.

In becoming one thing or another one invites the entire accompanying stage-play into one's household and as soon as it steps into the door-way of the abode called 'you', well then, 'you' have quite a mess to deal with. Just image the kinds and amount of baggage that goes along with the stage-crew. Yikes! And out of that one may pursue the dream of freedom and try to clean up the living room - no matter how many times one tries to sweep the crumbs off the sofa cushion more appear out of nowhere. It becomes a never-ending job but the job one is undertaking is not freedom but one of making our human interest story captivating and rewarding. Can one really come out ahead in perpetually cleaning the living room? Something else is, of course, required.

That 'something else' is the changing of one's perspective. Yes, the perspective called 'me' requires that all else succumb, but let's get beyond that shall we? If one has no desire to move beyond themselves then the selfish game of 'becoming' is a fitting one where all the ups and downs of Life and Living can be fully and completely explored. In this emotional roller coaster ride the human 'survives' quite well. But without the heart to sustain it's existence the House of Cards would not come crashing down but evaporate with nary a notice. That failure of notice is the power of attention in action and it is that movement of attention which can come to be called the real you. The place from where that attention originates is you.

The secret is out, but don't worry humans keep this secret very, very well. It's not that this information is kept hidden away it is more along the lines of completely ignoring it. It's not that knowledge is withheld - it doesn't exist!

Can ignorance be bliss?

And the answer is, of course not. When we fill our selves with role play we become whatever it is that we wish for. Can one go to a play on Broadway and tell the main actor that he is not real? Of course he is. But there is something of much greater depth to that role.

Humans are like that - of great depth and breath. One cannot 'survive' the human but one can certainly acknowledge the depth and breath of that without which the human has no existence at all and it can be called 'who or what you really are'.

The 'who' is a characterization from a human perspective and the 'what' is, well, what you really are. From your suit of skin to your self-centric existence no characterization can be made to fit and yet they all point to your true nature. And yet besides all that you are. Can it be called 'that'?

Yes, you are 'that'! And this maelstrom1 of me business is nothing more than a ploy to be. Being human is not all that it is cracked up to be and yet - it is!

I guess that ends Act II.


What's with all this 'you' business? Small 'you', big 'you', 'you' are not 'you'. Who's on first, what's on second and I don't know is on third. There is enough circular images there that can drive anyone crazy. But who is 'anyone' anyway?

It's really funny to watch the mind's grasping nature force conclusions where there are none. It's like trying to use a wrench on a screw. But what makes it really funny is watching people do this very thing with facts, figures, ideologies and just about every conceivable idea, real or imagined, that comes across their desk.

All I can say is that when the dust eventually settles it all gets worked out.

But until then keep watching the entertainment along with all the justifications for why it isn't. Sooner or later either the television is going to break down or the perspective will shift.

But in the meanwhile have you any idea as to who or what you really are?

  1. maelstrom: a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river; (figurative) a scene or state of confused and violent movement or upheaval. Origin: late 17th century: from early modern Dutch (denoting a mythical whirlpool supposed to exist in the Arctic Ocean, west of Norway). 

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