It's Strange

It's strange.

The way that I raise a family is very much opposed to how things are done in the commonly understood world at large. In many ways there is a balancing act that I must walk between bringing about a foundation in which each person can sustain themselves throughout life and the very fact that the so-called 'outside world' beckons and entices, with great success, the acquisition and acceptance of particular ways of 'properly' living one's life experience. There are basic human principals on the one hand and societal enticings on the other. Those 'basic human principals' are of course what I believe_ are something of value which will sustain one throughout life. Again, these are my ideals and not another's. This is why I create an atmosphere of independence in the family and though Ma runs contrary (to some extent) to that, it doesn't change what I do.

'Basic human principals' sounds kind of fuzzy doesn't it? It could mean just about anything to anyone but I am not concerned about that because I am not ruled by what others do. In fact these so-called 'principals' can be bold down to one: be your self. Now I don't know how much, if anything, any of you read the things that I write but it doesn't really matter. It also doesn't matter of how many times that I've tried to bring various subjects up for inspection at dinner time over the years and had zero interest on anything that I would say up to the point of being ignored. Yes there were some times of interest but after a time I simply gave up due to the lack of interest. This is part of the reason that I do not bring anything up for discussion other than subjects of fluff and stuff as they seem to be of interest.

Anyway, in bringing about an independent and self-secure individual there are requirements which must be met and though I have been successful to some degree where things now stand is that you all must find your own way. You are all certainly old enough to do so and though there is still quite a bit of reliance upon Ma for mothering there is, in my eyes, no family centeredness where each member participates to the benefit of the family. This is in contrast to the independence I previously mentioned but if one were really independent then one would understand and appreciate the interaction in association with others.

Independence does not mean selfishness where one just thinks about their own benefit. Independence is not just following one's own wishes for an ideal and happy life because unless one understands what that means society will surely convince you of what it should mean. Independence does mean that one is secure in their own perspective of how the world is viewed, it is an internal perspective of assigning correct differences and similarities. Society does not define us, only we can do that. And it can only be realized when we understand that we are who we are and not what anyone else says that we are.

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