Finding A Safe Haven

In some circles the search for fame and glory come via the inclusion of the human sacrifice called the end times. While time resetting has been in vogue there appears to be a very different enticement being played out upon the hardened hearts of old and as the ants scramble for safety there is none.

As one enjoys a good cup of well-being the end result is that the tea leaves sooner or later come to be revealed for what they really are - for all to plainly see. It's not that the writing on the wall has been freshly painted over time and time again so that the message is lost, it's more like the inevitable scourge of time revealing itself for what is really is. There is always a writing on the wall for there are no secrets and despite the many layers of obfuscation the prime motivation of that message remains unchanged and unchallenged. It seems that it is always about the message. Perhaps it is that the source point enjoys an untouchable realm of influence where the message is another matter entirely. I suppose the physical universe is a bit like molasses soup but when one gets beyond staring at the self-captivating reflections which seem to be everywhere and looks at the sky well then, everything changes.

Consequence requires that the echo of despair reverberate back to whence it came and as a species Mankind does indeed reap it's just rewards but thinking that this little corner of one's universe is all that there is, is not just ill-advised but is what would be considered as one brick short of a full load. Don't try this at home kids! Unfortunately the kids have and continue to do so.

Though the lone wolves frantically search for the way out, there are none. Right where you are is where all the action is and will be. Going somewhere else to unleash the demon will only make the heart grow fonder but perhaps that is the point. As the human body comes and goes the intellect rises and falls like the waves upon the shore of life and living. Does it really matter if one's cease and desist order comes here or there? Perhaps one is deluded into thinking that life can't live without your own true self at the helm. Folly is folly just the same as selfish greed is introverted worship. When we feel that we can't please The Man perhaps another will take refuge in our pleasure. For that the lines of opportunity are very long indeed.

As the rats desert a sinking ship scurrying to and fro without care but for being somewhere else humans too can feel the urge. Survival is such a strong instinct when the urge of self-preservation kicks in. God save the Queen!

Unfortunately there will be no survival unless one is referring to the zombies let loose upon the land. The dead do walk the Earth and tell the tale.

Even now.

Lest one forget the flip-side of those whose inner turmoil has been quelled and thrown to the four winds there is nothing that can be said or done which will change one iota of being. This certainly could not be considered a safe-haven as there is no such thing. Life will find you when-ever and where-ever you are. From sticks and stones to ears listening in humble understanding it really doesn't matter what happens as all that happens is you anyway so what difference can a day make?

It is to this presence the entirety of this being pays homage.

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