Anchor Points

As we all know, an anchor is something which is used to secure an object in place and from which a sense of confidence or stability is reached. Securing a boat to the sea bottom prevents the ship from floating aimlessly about and gives one a sense of confidence in one's position.

When a thetan places an anchor point it is used in much the same fashion. It provides a safe and secure position from which to define one's space. In this regard an anchor point delineates a viewpoint, a particular place from which to use perception. From this we can see that when we place an anchor point in space we are defining a viewpoint from which to view. The bigger the encompassing space the greater the being - or so it is told.

In order to define a viewpoint it must be rooted in one or more anchor points. From this safe and secure position the thetan can then develop and act upon considerations, postulates and what-have-you. As a basis of operation, the viewpoint provides the stability so necessary to it's own function through the application of anchor points.

Are we getting this yet?

Looking at the above we can surmise that thetans use a methodology, a practice and a procedure in order to interact with it's created environment and this environment appears to contract and expand according to the state of mind of the thetan. Problems will cause the contraction of viewpoints and realization will expand them. So the thetan seems to constantly shift and rearrange anchor points to accommodate this fluid and dynamic situation.

Since a thetan is beingness in action it's ability to change viewpoints, create new space and destroy both, becomes very important. As tools, anchor points must be clearly understood in this respect. Failure to gain a knowingness in this area will cause the thetan to become the effect of not only their own anchor points but that of others as well. Making anchor points more solid creates a more solid or 'real' reality. Obviously this is where most thetans on this planet are at. Their anchor points lie somewhere between the inside of the head and their body's nose.

When a thetan comes to be brave enough to face and as-is their own created problems, there comes to be more attention available and many times this attention is used in adjusting their anchor points in various ways. As a thetan becomes more able (ie. less problematic) their anchor points are naturally shifted further out and away from the center of their beingness. In doing so, additional issues come to light.

In this dynamic progression a thetan rises on the tone scale until eventually anchor points are no longer a necessity of operation. There are other things which occur here but that is a different matter for another time.

So in conclusion, expanding one's anchor points can be said to be a very good thing. As a starting point in our quest of spiritual freedom the thetan would do well to be fully apprised of it's situation, circumstance and methodology when it comes to anchor points. After all, knowing what one is doing goes a long way to understanding one's self.

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