Free Zone Differentiation

I’d like to clarify the position of FZA in relation to the ‘FreeZone’. FZA has nothing what-so-ever to do with those who wish to play “capture the flag” and so the difference is distinctly made when referencing the ‘FreeZone’. The ‘FreeZone’, just like the CoS, has been corrupted through the use of various devices and tactics by those who wish to inhibit spiritual freedom. Just because someone hooks the bait does not mean that we must nibble the tempting wiggling morsel. To that end, FZA remains firmly rooted in the principals of the Free Zone as clearly defined by Captain Bill Robertson through his communication with L. Ron Hubbard. Yes, Ron has left the body some time ago but even the most spiritual neophyte knows that communications with thetans goes far, far beyond physical constructs.

It actually amazes me when I come across those who cloak themselves in pomp and circumstance, portraying authoritatively that telepathic communication does not exist. Scientology, the actual true religious philosophy, places such an importance upon communication that this is one of the first courses taught to those who just enter the field. As one progresses upon the Bridge, revealing more and more of one’s own true nature, telepathic communication is not only a norm, but is the typical form of communication. It’s true, physical means of communication fall far short of our spiritual nature.

In the ‘FreeZone’ there lies much trickery and deceit, just like the Church of Scientology but no more so than that which lies within us, baiting us in it’s drive of succumbing. Plunging down from great heights we come to find that our own personal justifications matter a great deal. And so, we firmly bite the hook of our own destruction.

FZA owes it’s allegiance to those who hold spiritual freedom in high regard and so here there is cause to hold back the tide of self destruction. For those who peruse the ‘FreeZone’, FZA may not be the place for you. One cannot pull one’s self up by their own boot straps while at the same time being firmly grounded in self deception, wallowing in the illusion of hopes and dreams. This web site is not on a popularity drive and desires no wayward seekers looking for a home. Here we are deadly serious and have but one goal, our spiritual freedom. This intensely narrow focus of attention is but a stepping stone to our future, one small step toward realizing our eternal existence of immortality.

We already know of so many other roads which wander aimlessly out in the jungle of life. If one wishes to pursue those roads, please do. But here at FZA there is but one road and it consumes us, literally. It consumes the image we have of our selves which we regard as being high and mighty, leaving nothing but our spiritual freedom in it’s wake.

It is this drive, this passion which clearly delineates FZA from the pack of wild dogs which roam the countryside devouring both spiritual and physical alike. The ‘FreeZone’ and the CoS are but two examples of this game of enslavement and this is the reason that here, we endeavor to pursue spiritual awareness FREE from outside or disruptive forces. One cannot achieve spiritual freedom by having one foot on each side of the game but only through total and complete conviction. Either one runs with the pack or travels completely alone on their own Bridge to Total Freedom.

There is a great joy in aligning one’s self with others of similar stature. Here at FZA we align ourselves, pointedly, with Scientology, desiring neither rote methodology nor rigid constructs. Here, we welcome those who wish to set themselves apart from the pack in order to come to know of their own great magnitude. Here, we adhere to our own Bridge, our own sense of truth and our own purpose. Finding our own truth forces us out and away from those who wish to confine and inhibit not only our way of thinking but our actions as well.

And so, FZA remains stationary in it’s orbit.

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