In A Neat And Tidy Package

Stuff. We seem to have an endless supply of it, ever consuming our attention, our thoughts and our energy. Everywhere we look we find it and many times, it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it. Waking up to our spiritual nature is like that; it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it.

Despite our efforts to forcefully condense, categorize and examine our spiritual nature, it flourishes. Despite our best efforts at putting this subject matter into a box along with all of our other junk, it escapes our clutches. This should speak volumes about what is occurring here.

When we define our route to spiritual freedom we become entrapped to that same degree. Spiritual freedom is not something which can be roboticly examined, dissected and ingested. On the contrary, since each one of us must establish our own spirituality no rote methodology anywhere in the universe can do it for us. And that is the problem, clearly defined. As we seek a release from our own madness we merely sink further into it. And that leads to one inescapable statement: the way out is the way out.

Spiritual freedom is as complex or as simple as we make it. When we follow, we lose our selves. When we forge ahead on our own, we find the freedom which our beingness already contains. When we seek to have spiritual freedom come to us in a neat and tidy package failure is inevitable for no thing can contain it, define it, nor reveal it. Beingness can effort to demonstrate it but as always, it will fall far short. Freedom in spirit means exactly that.

In our circuitous route to revelation all that we will find is rote responses and reactions. Can this be the real thing? Can fixation lead us to our selves?

In our quest for greater spiritual heights we must, not by intelligent design but by natural instinct, remain true to our selves. We cannot reveal our spiritual nature through methodology nor design but only through self-recognition. In the realization of who and what we really are there exists that which lies beyond beingness, seeking and knowledge. How can one possibly come to know of one's self through knowledge? Do we not already exist?

In our self awareness we define our beingness and so exist. Is this the apex of spiritual freedom? Is it to this that we owe our allegiance? If getting there is half the fun then perhaps when the other shoe drops we will come to see reality without the colorization of our beingness. Will this be the ultimate last frontier?

Breaking out and away from our viewpoints requires a constant vigilance for many times when one drops away another quickly fills the void. In this complexity of existence we may come to find that our actions define our beingness. Can this mean that when we become' spiritually free action will no longer be required? Will our beingness take on a new shape and form or will we surpass our rote methodology and reach self-fruition?

If certainty is truth in action then what of the freedom from all of this?

Perhaps because of the downward push into illusion the order of magnitude seems far, far beyond our scope of existence. But alas, perhaps that is the point.


A path CAN be a guiding light but when the torch is finally passed one carries their own light and so lights the way for themselves. Although the trap of extinguishing one's candle has much importance placed upon it by those who are in dereliction of duty, this does not take away from what is right nor proper. When one fervently seeks release without coming face to face with one's self, then hope is indeed, lost. This is why spiritual freedom is only for the courageous and extremely brave. The ultimate enemy which we must all face is none other than our selves.

Strange as it may appear, we do define our reality and live it to the fullest. And since this is not the route to spiritual freedom, our lives come to be severely wanting. Beyond the reality we create for our selves lies the ultimate Freedom and so, in our quest for the Holy Grail, we set our sights on playing a whole different ball game.

And then there is the game of spiritual freedom. No quick fixes, no fancy maneuvering, no wending of the way, just the plain and simple truth. If that isn't worth lighting a candle for then nothing is.

Despite the severe lack of candles on this planet are we not extremely blessed when we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one or more passing in the night, lighting and leading the way. Would we not be remiss if we did not whole-heartedly follow?

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