Been There, Done That, Now What?

Life has an infinite capacity to move along, to evolve along it's own lines of purpose and plan (or so it seems). In this evolution we many times find ourselves in situations and conditions where we begin to take a deep look into our own nature, to ask questions of ourselves so as to reveal our selves to ourselves. Digging deep, we uncover the years of toil and hardship and so find release. Breaking our chains of ignorance we then begin to move ahead, unstuck from our past, our thoughts and our hopes and dreams.

For some, it can be a long time coming. But it doesn't have to be.

Scientology is a religious philosophy, a particular way of looking at things in a questioning manner. When this questioning manner becomes vacant, so too do the rewards. With courage, self inspection becomes of prime importance. But do not confuse this with wondering about one's condition or state of existence as this has nothing to do with finding our own answers.

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