Thetan, Beingness And Spiritual Freedom

This comes from the 'official' organization's definition which can be found at:

thetan: the person himself-not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The term was coined to eliminate any possible confusion with older, invalid concepts. It comes from the Greek letter Theta (), which the Greeks used to represent thought or perhaps spirit, to which an n is added to make a noun in the modern style used to create words in engineering. It is also n, or "theta to the nth degree," meaning unlimited or vast

There are some important things to note here. One of these is that the thetan is not his mind. Remember, any thing which connotates possession is NOT the fundamental core but merely an addition to it. Therefore "his body", "his mind", etc. is an additive and is not the fundamental core of beingness.

Before we go further, let's set out the 'official' definition of "beingness":

beingness: the assumption or choosing of a category of identity. Beingness is assumed by oneself or given to oneself or is attained. Examples of beingness would be one's own name, one's profession, one's physical characteristics, one's role in a game-each and all of these could be called one's beingness. See also conditions of existence.

Beingness, as can plainly be seen, is nothing but the assumption of characteristics. The foundational core, through beinginess, creates an aspect of itself. This aspect is only an aspect, not the entirety. This is very important and can be seen in action through past life inspection.

The foundational core of beingness which is the ultimate spiritual freedom remains the same no matter what. It's immortality is never questioned and it's existence can not be contemplated. This is so only in the absence of beingness.

Here is another definition which gives a bit more information on the term 'foundational core': static: something which doesn't have wavelength, so it is not in motion; it doesn't have weight, it doesn't have mass, it doesn't have length, breadth or any of these things. It is motionlessness.

Let us move on.

theta: energy peculiar to life or a thetan which acts upon material in the physical universe and animates it, mobilizes it and changes it; natural creative energy of a thetan which he has free to direct toward survival goals, especially when it manifests itself as high tone, constructive communications. See also thetan.

The above definition depends upon beingness as spirit contains both energy and no-energy. Therefore energy, or theta, is beingness in action. As the beingness moves through time it uses theta or qualitative/quantitative energy to set and accomplish goals and purposes.

There are some big beings in this universe and there are some much smaller beings in this universe. The energy allotment associated with each beingness is defined by the foundational core. As this core formulates beingness there is no separation between its existence and its non-existence. In fact, in its existence it has no reality.

In the definition of "thetan" it also makes reference to "'theta to the nth degree', meaning unlimited or vast". Theta is as limited as the foundational core's aspect in motion is. Beingness energy may or may not be limited.

In this universe there is much consideration, and respect, given to those who demonstrate a large potential of energy. But this erroneous viewpoint only causes destruction since through competition theta is 'lost', 'gained' and 'consumed'. This is where viewpoints come to be very important.

Once beingness formulates, viewpoints become part and parcel of the package.

And so, the "identity which is the individual" can only be the beingness as the foundational core has no beingness, individuality or any other characteristic reference. This is a very important point - no characteristics.

Lastly, "that which is aware of being aware" begs the question: How many awarenesses are there and which is the true one? Where there is beingness there is awareness. The characteristics of beingness can be aware through likes and dislikes and so too can the totality of beingness be aware of all of it's characteristics. But is this being aware of being aware? What does that really mean? If one is aware of awareness and also aware of non-awareness, does this not merely define the beingness?

The foundational core of all this has no awareness as the word itself implies it's opposite. Immortality does not depend upon awareness or non-awareness, it just is. Beingness, on the other hand, lives and dies. It is finite and limited.

So when we refer to spiritual freedom it is not the freedom of beingness to go about doing what it pleases but about going beyond beingness altogether and coming to a complete self-recognition. To end one's spiritual quest at being aware of awareness is like going half way to the moon and turning back.

Where spiritual freedom lies is in the realm of the unknown for beingness cannot approach it nor survive it. Beingness will run in the other direction when faced with the possibility, or even the thought of, it's own destruction. This is why most thetans just love doing everything else but attending to spiritual freedom. They will wile away the hours coming up with new and clever ways of avoiding 'death'.

While beingness may fear death, the foundational core has no knowledge of it in the least. Spiritual freedom is not for everyone as it takes great courage to face one's deepest fears. To face the shallowness of beingness becomes a monumental task when we so fervently desire to REMAIN that beingness. And so we do.

But not all. Not by a long shot.

In spiritual freedom all things become possible because everything is, but when we ground ourselves in beingness we are doing ourselves a great dis-service. Especially when we play the game of spiritual freedom, meaning that we like the idea but that is about it.

But there are many, many games to choose from. Among them is the game of Freedom. How many thetans can we get to overcome their own beingness in order to free themselves from themselves? It really is a fun and interesting game for those who have travelled far and wide, exploring and uncovering beingness in all of it's aspects in order to pierce the veil of illusion.

It's like waking up from a deep and dark sleep. The universe is truly a wonderful and remarkable place. Consider it a playground for thetans. Just imagine, through your own beingness, what lies ahead! It's worth waking up for.

There is a lot more to this discussion, but this will do for now - if the point actually gets across at all.

For one's own clarity perhaps the following words should fully defined and understood in one's own universe:

  1. thetan
  2. beingness (and especially how it relates to characteristics and identity)
  3. spirit
  4. theta
  5. static

There is no 'official' definition of "spirit" and so this definition will do:

Spirit: The foundational core of beingness completely devoid of additives. It is the 'I-I'.

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