Few Are Called But Many Are Chosen

Spiritual awakening, or whatever name one wishes to assign to the concept, relies upon the idea that we are not free, that we are under some sort of spell and cannot achieve what it is that we are seeking. This type of thinking is completely erroneous and so there are many beings who come along to encourage us to see the fallacy of our thinking. Our process of inward conceptualization becomes threaten and as we gather the courage to see our selves for who and what we really are, experiential happenings occur and they occur in complete disregard to what we believe, think or are told.

What is true for you is true for you.

This is never a problem until our truth becomes the master and we, the slave. When we become part and parcel of the thinking process we come to enjoy the experience of life - along with it's pain and suffering. It is to this pain and suffering which our attention becomes fixated upon in order to create a more full 'happiness' in our life experience. In this lie of great proportions, we fall prey to our own imaginings. And so the universe becomes what we wish it to be. In all of it's splendor, in both a positive and negative sense, we relish our opportunity to live the life we dream of.

But it is a life of deceit when we attempt to fool our selves into being something other than what we really are. In this vast and complex web we seek release through various means and devices immersing ourselves in momentary happiness and abhorring the fear and uncertainty which rides it's coattails.

Life does not require taking a roller coaster ride in order to 'survive' it. As spiritual beings we can only fool ourselves into believing one thing or another and in this self inflicted sorrow we come to realize that not all is well in the land of Oz.

And that is where we are today.

It takes more than courage to face one's self in the mirror of life and to see what there is to see completely free of our mind-made trappings.

Few are called but many are chosen.

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