Glibness is like getting past your own mind, your own thoughts, ideas and concepts to see the reality that exists whether one wishes to see it or not. When a student cannot apply what they have learned, when they are unable to actually use the information which they are supposedly interested in, then of what use is their so-called 'learning' in the first place?

A smart instructor will either handle the glibness or make it obvious that the student has no reality on the subject and therefore does not wish to actually learn it. Anyone can say that they have an interest, but when it comes right down to it do their actions demonstrate their interest? If it does not then you can be assured that the individual is there for another purpose. A hidden or underlying reason, decision, postulate or whatever one wishes to call it will prevent actual learning to take place.

The dead cannot learn.

Learning cannot take place without practical application otherwise it becomes nothing but theory, nothing but data collection which cannot be assimilated in relation to pre-existing data. Assimilation is nothing more than the process of organizing one's data collection, applying importances and attaching decisional attributes. Once this process reaches fruition one can be considered to be knowledgeable in the area.

But there is more to that when one evolves beyond the dependance upon data. When one separates one's self from their bank of facts and information, when they come to leave this all behind, pure knowledge begins to take place meaning that when there is no longer a dependance upon 'outside' influences one's universe explodes and consumes all other universes.

This is not to say that our thoughts, ideas and concepts become accepted by all others as this is far, far from the truth. When glibness stops we begin to have the courage to look at our selves in the mirror. Truly look with eyes of awareness, not with eyes of so-called understanding. When the mechanical processes drop away we are left with much more than just our selves.

But the question becomes, who is brave enough to stop the machine?

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