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Engaging ourselves in life and living we come to see that a world exists outside of ourselves and so to become a part of it we pull it inward and call it home. As we interiorize our environment life takes on new meaning. But that meaning is not necessarily the correct one as this interior universe of ours is obviously a created reality, one in which we live the cycle of birth and death. Thus restricted we create the urge for release.

In this interior world of ours there is much pain and suffering, there is more than enough of it to go around. In fact, there is much more than we can 'handle' and so we tend to quietly retreat into the night of our long lost soul journeying into the abyss of knowledge ever seeking the answer to our dilemma. Well, that answer is obviously being looked for in all of the wrong places.

We cannot immerse ourselves into the play of life and in so choosing become completely irresponsible of it. We paved the road ahead with our intentions and so we must now reap the potholes inherent in our creations. But there is even more to it than that. Perhaps the best way to escape is merely to turn around and go back the way we came. Perhaps we must turn our backs to the road of experience and release our fixed attention from our compulsion to be a part of the world. We are not a part of the world and yet we many times act as if we are and in so doing our torment knows no bounds and no end.

Spiritual freedom, or release from ourselves, is not for the casual traveller looking to ease the road ahead. It is not for the journeyman who seeks refuge from the storm nor for the warrior to take rest before the next battle. Returning to our true nature is like going for a walk in the park. It can be quite peaceful and rewarding or it can be dangerous and fraught with peril. The choice, as always, is ours.

When one walks among those who are on the journey home, one walks completely and utterly alone. And in this aloneness the totality of our existence becomes apparent as our egotistical clothes fall away and we are left with that which is completely beyond experience, completely beyond the limited scope of our small minds to capture and endure.

We are already free as our nature is inherently so. To that end, releasing our interiorized existence becomes quite fruitful in revealing just what it is that we really are. As a start, we are certainly not the world we create before our very eyes and so we turn away...

As the name implies this website is a place where various narrowly focused websites come together and present themselves for what they are, all in one place.

ThrowItAllIntoOne because there is only One.1

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